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SaaS Development & Growth

The Fluent XP SaaS Development Framework covers a full life-cycle approach to developing Online Digital Platforms that is a fully functional product or service to its customers. It starts with research that covers market insights, competitor insights, and customer insights.

On the basis of the findings from market, competitor and customer data collected through research, we then start putting together a prototype that can be examined early on by potential customers, and be the focal point to the Fluent XP Customer Interview method.

The concept is to fail early and fail smart in order to avoid expensive failures at later stages in the development, growth and scale-up stages.

Our Incubate Phase of the Fluent XP SaaS Framework focuses on taking a potential product from data to final product, and sets the springboard to advancing successfully into the Accelerate Phase of the framework, where our focus turns to marketing, sales and customer service, moving potential customers across the customer life-cycle into promoters and raving fans.

Fluent XP SaaS Methodology


A successful prototype only needs to do two things: Prove that you have a solution that the market needs - not doing this is the #1 reason startups fail and Prove that you have a solution that will make money, since running out of cash is the #2 reason that startups fail. At the Prototype stage, the Fluent XP team will work with you and your team to:

  1. Find out exactly who your potential customers are and how best to reach them.
  2. Understand your customer’s problems completely, and gradually refine your solution, so you know exactly what to build when it comes time to scale.
  3. Start growing a community of early adopters who can be the first to test out your solution.
  4. Develop your pricing and start charging for your solution from day one, so you know that what you’re doing is actually valuable to your customers.


Fluent XP’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stresses the impact of customer centricity and learning in an environment of new product development. Fluent XP will create a version of a new SaaS, Website, App or any DigiTech product which will allow your team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.

The benefits of getting the MVP Stage right are:

  1. Launch a minimal instance of the product to the market as quickly as possible.
  2. Test your product idea with real users from your target customer base, before allocating substantial financing to your product’s full development.
  3. Learn about what your target customers are really looking for and what actually resonates with them and what is not important.


At this stage the product is ready to launch. Through pivoting to customer feedback and collecting user experience data to guide or arrival at a product launch stage, we get to a phase where we are now confident in investing in growth.

While in a SaaS and all other Online Digital Products and Services business model, there is no such thing as a finished product, the Product Stage is a the final stage in the Fluent XP Incubate Phase of the SaaS Development Framework because it marks a change in development philosophy. We now start to slowly shift our emphasis from product development to revenue generation, customer growth and business growth.


The Grow Stage marks the first stage of the Accelerate Phase of the Fluent XP SaaS Development Framework, and focuses on, yep you got it… Growth.

Growth across multiple areas of the business model, and this includes, product growth, customer growth, revenue growth, brand growth, and income growth. Putting daily, weekly, and monthly targets to achieve Quarterly Objectives, and Annual Goals is key to edging up in a sustainable steady way towards building sustainable growth.

While most organizations may make the mistake of putting big bold and beautifual 3-years strategic plans, we drill down to the level of daily activities that drive achievement of weekly and monthly targets. Week-on-Week, Month-on-Month sustainable growth is key to building growth momentum.


At the Scale Stage of the Fluent XP SaaS Development Framework we rely on data collected during the growth stage to build the scale scenario into the future. This is when investment is now key. Having access to funds that will be invested in scaling up is crucial to taking the business to its maximum potential faster.

Using information on key metrics such as CAC, CLTV, MRR and ARR, Churn Rate, ARPU and others we are able to target our marketing efforts to maximize return on spend, and leverage our dollar spend to produce a much larger return.

This data guides investment decisions, and investor confidence is then strengthened with this data driven approach, helping the business to have easier access to investment money.


Development & Growth

Whatever your base digital technology is and whether you choose to develop it, as a website, a mobile app, or a downloadable software, we will deliver your SaaS through the three incubation stages and / or the two acceleration stages. We have developed Award-Winning SaaS and Technology Platforms since 2009. We work with tech startups and scale-ups who are looking for development, incubation and acceleration partners.

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At Fluent XP we believe if your website is not your most efficient marketer, your most effective sales person and your most impactful service agent, then quite honestly you probably spent a lot of money for a nice digital store front that has minimized your businesses potential.

In today’s world, with so many eyeballs looking at different kinds of screens everyday, organizations need to shift their front line team energy to the online world, to help your business run as a well-oiled business machine.

Let us work with you by understanding your organizations’ vision and strategic objectives, so we can help you design and build an Online Presence that delivers on your brand promise, depicts your organizational culture accurately, and enables the effective growth of your business.

Get in touch with us and we’ll gladly sit with you to give you an honest assessment of your current online presence, and show you what we can do for you differently.

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