Why Fluent XP

We Speak #Customer.

We are marketers at heart, and we speak #customer. So… when we design, develop, build or grow something for you, we build it with our marketing hats on, and with your customer in mind. That’s why, for us it’s natural to always be pushing the inbound envelop to the next level. Your business needs it.

We Breathe #Inbound.

Without leaving outbound behind, we can bring #Inbound marketing strategy to life, so your business can start to naturally attract, engage, and delight high quality, qualified customers that become raving fans of your business. As far as super-powers go, that ranks up there with human flight and laser eyes.

We Master #Martech.

We simplify the complex by bringing Technology into Marketing and flipping it around and sticking it together, integrating it with more tech, so you can see one end result: Better Business Growth. But seriously, we understand and implement the tech that immortals don’t know how to do. Not their fault!

Who we are

Fluent XP is an omni-channel, integrated and growth focused Technology & Marketing Solutions provider specialized in Brand Creation & Development, Inbound Marketing Activation; Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Community Management, Content Creation and Delivery, Website & Lead Generation Development and Management; App and software creation and development, specializing in Revenue Generating Apps and SaaS Platforms.

Hubspot Partner

Fluent XP is also an Official Certified Gold HubSpot Partner helping clients understand, implement and manage their HubSpot ecosystem across CRM, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service functions with scale and attain the most fluent employee and customer experience from the HubSpot platform by delivering personalized, highly engaging experiences generating high quality leads for businesses that convert and close.

We measure our performance by how well our clients perform

Month-on-Month Customer Growth
Increase in High-Quality Website Traffic
Increase in Month-on-Month Revenue
Decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost

Our Team