Outsourced CMO

Outsourced CMO

Outsourcing the role of the Chief Marketing Officer may be one of the most crucial decisions that you can take in current times, but perhaps even for the long term, given where the world is shifting towards. Normally, this would be our recommended strategy for organizations of about 50 to 500 employees. In such cases bringing Big Gun thinking into an organization that is on a Scale-Up Path, is key to maintaining low costs, yet reaping substantial outcomes. The fact is that most organizations go belly up during their strongest growth momentums, and this primarily is because their costs take traction faster than their returns. When you outsource the top role in your marketing function, whatever title you may want to through at that, being Marketing Director, or Manager, or Chief Marketing Officer, you are allowing your organization get the benefit of having Scale-Up thinking, strategies and reporting to fuel up your implementation.

The Business Owner’s Challenge – If you are a business owner and operator of at least one, and even more businesses, you probably have already felt the challenges that pull on your targeted ROI from Marketing, Sales & Customer Services activities, let alone getting alignment between these three functions. Most business owners can tend to figure our the back office operational activities quite fast, as they normally come into their own business as subject matter experts and have spent a substantial amount of time in their industry. What tends to elude them is getting the front-line functions to align and work together to deliver the needed growth.

When you outsource the role of the Chief Marketing Officer to Fluent XP, you can leverage high impact marketing expertise that ties and aligns the front line together, using long term expertise without the major financial exposure that it can traditionally come with, allowing you to accelerate you company’s business growth today. With our flexible approach to the Outsources Marketing Model, you can have access to the CMO or to a whole Marketing Team at the fraction of the cost, while you drive your growth.

What is more important is that with Fluent XP, you can also rest assured that we work with the most advanced digital methods and technologies, where we leverage Marketing and front line technology to build for you a well oiled front-line machines that works to deliver continuous growth for your organization at the fraction of the cost of a full time team.

Here are some quick signs that having an outsources CMO, will work best for you:

  • You don’t have a that marketing strategy that can actually deliver predictable and measurable results, with timely reporting designed to help you make better growth decisions.
  • You have a small marketing team made of 1 to 3 people that operate tactical tasks, but don’t get participate at the strategic level of the business.
  • You are not happy with the goals and outcomes of your marketing activities and the impact that it is having on sales.
  • You have this sense that you are not capturing all the market opportunities that you should be.
  • Your Marketing, Sales & Customer Service Team are not working together to build a strong customer experience across the full spectrum of touchpoints of your customer journey.
  • You are spending money on marketing activities, but they don’t translate into cash in the bank.
  • Your team is not using the right platforms, systems, automation and predictive analytics tools to help you market better and help you measure front line performance.
  • You want access to better competitive and customer behavior analytics to help you understand if your communication is striking a cord with the right customers.
  • You need someone to be continuously assessing your team’s marketing activities and capabilities to safeguard that you are built for continuing success.
  • You need an expert that can help you improve brand loyalty, reduce customer churn.
  • You want a professional marketing approach, but don’t want the expense of a full time marketing head.

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